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As I wrap up my time here at Flatiron, I can truly say it has been an intense experience. Previously coming from a background with little to no coding knowledge, I thought I would make this blog post to help other beginners maneuver visual studio code with more ease. So lets get started:

In this blog I will be going over my phase 4 project. The link to the Project can be found here:

If you’ve been following my software engineering journey, you would know how little I started off knowing any code at all. I am about a month away from graduating Flatiron and have gotten way more comfortable creating web applications. I still remember struggling to build a simple CLI Application in Phase 1. It’s been an incredible journey and 12 weeks later here we are.

In this phase we were tasked with building out a CRUD project using…

If you happened to read my first blog, you would know that I am still fairly new to coding. After going through Phase 1, having to worry about the coding challenge retake as well as projects all in the same week, I prepared every day relentlessly to pass the CC on the first try for Phase 2. Thankfully I did, and ended up having a full week and a half to create our project.

Background of the application:

The application’s main goal should be to hit CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DESTROY).

Before I get started on my very first blog, let me at least introduce myself. My name is Vivek Sanghvi and only a few months ago my knowledge in anything related to coding was => nil. I had graduated with a degree in Biology with the vision to apply to medical school, only to decide I wasn’t satisfied with my career choice.

I had first heard about bootcamps from a family friend who was in a similar boat a few years prior to me. …

Vivek Sanghvi

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